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ezEvent LLC is a sub-division of TicketNetwork Inc., one of the largest ticket technology companies in the world. We are located in South Windsor, CT about seven miles northeast of Hartford, CT. We have over 400 employees dedicated to innovation, excellence, and entrepreneurism.

ezEvent is Your personal box office made ez. Because it uses cloud-based technology, anyone can access it anywhere, at any time to create events for anything you can think of. From dance classes to golf tournaments, to concerts and festivals, courses and celebrations, ezEvent makes it happen and helps you every step of the way. It is the easiest event creator and ticket seller designed for anyone to be able to use. The cost is minimal for event managers. Free events are FREE. If you sell tickets for a profit, you only pay $0.89 fee/ticket plus credit card processing fees.

We don’t just invite people to your events, we make you money! Create your event easily and quickly. Make it shine and share it with the world. Use our social networking tools to publicize your event, incorporating email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!

Our Team

The core ezEvent team consists of dedicated individuals with a variety of technical, product development and marketing skills.

  • Don  –  Founder and Product Sponsor
  • Matt  –  Product Owner
  • Cary  –  Product Manager
  • Phaedra  –  Project Manager
  • Blayne  –  Assistant Product Manager
  • Rose  –  Creative Director
  • Jeff  –  Lead Engineer
  • Kristina  –  CSS Engineer
  • Joe  –  Web Engineer
  • Lee  –  Web Engineer
  • Monica, Preeti, Vinita S., Vinita D.  –  QA
  • Greg, Mike, Robin, Sandra  –  DRM
  • Chris, Kim, Gregory  –  Tallan, Inc. Developers
ezEvent Team